m.phase User Guide


The Channel Picker is on top of your screen and shows all channels and tracks of the current bank.
Names will be automatically displayed after connecting to your DAW or after you switched banks.
Besides the ability to select channels, the picker also displays important pieces of information like mute, solo, clippings....


To select one of the channels, drag it from the Channel Picker to the Volume Sphere of the left or right Channel Strip section.
When you enter the Volume Sphere, you will see an animation, that indicates that the channel is ready to be dropped.
After dropping the channel, it will be automatically selected and all current states e.g. clippings, will be displayed.

Selected channels will be displayed with a brighter blue color in the Channel Picker.
So you always know, which channels are used in the left and right Channel Strips.

Note, that you can also use the same channel in the left and right Channel Strip.


The Channel Picker helps you to detect clipping on all 8 channels simultaneously by displaying a small red line that either blinks or stays highlighted when clipping occurs. If you're using the Hold Clipping feature, you can select the channel and reset the Clip Ring with the button on the side of the Volume Sphere (see Channel-Strips).


It can be annoying, if one of you're channels is on solo and you don't know which one.
The Channel Picker displays all solo and mute channels with a matching color, so you get an overview of all your channels states.