m.phase User Guide


We start by connecting your iPad to your computer.
If you're using a MAC, open "Audio Midi Setup" and the Network Settings.
If you're on a Windows computer, use the free rtpMidi software by Tobias Erichsen.
Make sure you have a Midi Session. If not, create a new one and give it an appropriate name.

Start the m.phase Application.
You should now see your iPad in the Midi Setup dialog on your computer.
Select your iPad and connect it to your computer.


Connect your iPad as a HUI Control to your Logic software.
Do this by opening the Control Surface Setup dialog in your DAW.

Now disable the Automatic Installation and click on "Install..." to integrate your new remote control.

In the next list, make sure you select Mackie Designs, HUI as your device.
If Logic asks, if you want to install it manually, click on "Add manually".

We're almost done!
The next step is to assure that we don't have problems when using multiple MIDI devices.
We do only want our iPad to be used with this HUI device setup.
Right click on the device and open the Inspector.
Now select your computer MIDI Session as the Output and Input Port for this device.
That's it, you're ready to go!