m.phase User Guide



We do currently officially support 7 DAWs.
All of them are displayed in the top area of the settings sections.
Drag the button of your preferred DAW to the center of the screen, until the small bubble moves to it.
After pressing OK on the settings screen, m.phase will automatically restart its connection using the protocol of the new DAW.


Enable or disable the Clip-Holding features for the Volume Sphere controls.
If enabled, the Sphere Controls will remain clipped and the red clipping rings will still be displayed, even when clipping is over.


Avoid the automatic locking of your screen with this toggle button.


The Flash Feedback provides you a way of keeping track what's going on on your iPad while looking at your computer screen.
Whenever you reach the maximum of your faders, or execute play/pause, the screen will flash.
This helps you to recognize that you cannot get any louder, or if the command was executed successfully or not.


With this feature enabled, you're left Channel Strip will always be assigned to the currently selected channel in your DAW.
Use the Linked-Mode as a companion to your mouse (perfect with fullscreen enabled).
Work inside your DAW as you're used to. When you select a channel with your mouse, you can immediately change its Volume, Pan, Solo/Mute and other things with your iPad. This mimics the way of how you worked with analog faders, but now you have the power to do that without having to look at it.


If enabled, your Channel Strip will automatically fade out after a couple of seconds of inactivity.
This helps you to immediately recognize any kind of activity on certain channels.



Assigning different colors to your channels helps you to recognize them faster.
Keep in mind that these settings are not related to your current projects.


This section helps you to adjust the touch sensitivity and speed.
It also provides you with the capability to create your own touch handling.
For example, you could set the speed of the 1st touch to 0.0%. This would block volume changes and provide a more secure way to setup your pan gesture finger. Instead you could increase the 2nd touch/finger to act like its the main volume finger.